Top 5 Technical aspects Which makes the F1 car different from hatchback cars

Top 5 Technical aspects Which makes the F1 car different from  hatchback cars

F1 cars are built purely for speed around race tracks.The F1 cars are the most popular and well-respected racing sports car in the world.Whereas the Hatchback cars are not the racing cars they have their own purpose. And.And It’s hard to thing of anything that’s the same between them.

Here are the some technical aspects which makes the F1 car different from hatch Back cars.


F1 car has Such a aerodynamic design that creates he more down-force which helps the cars to stick to the ground .The Nose is raised above the centre of the front aerofoil that allows its entire width to provide downforce. Whereas in the hatch back  they are not designed with such an aerodynamics.

While racing at much higher speed mostly more down-force generated in F1 cars whereas the other cars behave in opposite way.They have designed with round shaped body that produces drag at high speeds.

Top Designing Softwares used to design F1 cars all across the world

2)Engine and power

F1  cars are equipped with powerful engines that are capable of generating high thrust.The F1 car engines  has a revolution up to 18000RPM whereas the normal hatch back car’s engine are not capable of producing that much thrust and has engine RPM of 60000.

3)Life Span

F1 cars has very short life span as they are often built to last for a race ot hree at a maximum as the components undergo high stresses and wear out quickly whereas the typical hatchbacks will serve you for at least few years.They are more comfortable and reliable as well.

Generally the F1 car brakes last around 300Km while normal car’s brakes don’t get worn till about 20,000km.

4)Fuel consumption rate

F1 cars has high fuel consumption rate as they have to supply more fuel to engine that generates more power whereas the normal hatchback cars have high fuel economy as compared to F1 cars.


The F1 car weigh between 600-700 kgs(including driver) with the engine produce in excess of 700 bhp whereas Normal hatchback weigh around 1500 Kgs with the engine produces 150 bhp.


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