Top 5 best Cold Air intake System for Jeep Wrangler | Complete Buying Guide | FAQs

Are you looking for some performance upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler!!

If Yes!!

Then you landed at right place! Performance upgrade cannot start without installing Cold Air intake in you vehicle.

Cold Air Intake is one of the most crucial and necessary performance upgrade that not only gives your vehicle better power and torque but also saves your money by increasing the mileage of your vehicle. and make your engine more efficient.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Jeep Wrangler with cold air intake and confuse in buying which one is best then this article will be you go to guide to choose the best cold air intake for Jeep Wrangler that not only replaces your stock intake but also adds some horsepower and stylish look to your jeep.

Before moving to the list let’s discuss something about How Cold Air Intake Works.

The Cold Air Intake basically replaces your stock intake and boosted the flow rate and increase the horsepower and performance as more air means more oxygen and combustion.

The Cold Air Intake System relocates the filter outside of the engine compartment to deliver the coolest air inlet temperatures possible.

Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more horsepower and torque. But that’s only part of the power equation.

Tuning the inlet pipe in length and diameter to match the engine’s resonance helps move more air to the cylinders (think of your engine as a big air pump), and this tuning allows us to deliver the maximum power gains throughout the entire RPM range.

All the Cold Intakes has similar functions (according to vehicle) with little change in efficiency and power output but the difference is in the shape,size,material and in the cost.

You have just to choose which parameter you want to upgrade according your need.

So without wasting time let’s start the list!

#5 Volant 57636 Open Element Air Intake

Boost up the flow rate by installing Volant 57636 Open Element Air intake system in your engine.

Comes with all new Pro 5 filter by Volant, this air intake system will bring and increase flow of colder air and boost the horsepower and fuel mileage of your vehicle.

Volant is the best professional company that includes experts only and they use advanced technologies and the finest components to make your vehicle drive better by improving its performance and style.

Coming back to air intake system, it replaces you stock air box and air intake tube with free-flowing duct and washable & reusable Pro 5 filter that is constructed of high grade cotton filter media with 5 layers of protection.

The filter is designed in such a way that it can reduce air restriction and increases engine output and optimise airflow throughout the intake system.

The Volant’s free flowing cross-Link polyethylene air duct comes with unique precise geometry incorporating large diameters and unique bends that allow air to flow in the duct very easily with high velocity resulting in quicker throttle response, not like stock metal ducts with unusual bends and restrictions.

Moreover, the cross link Polyethylene material is made to bear high temperatures and ultimately improve Engine operating temperature resulting in more horsepower and torque.

In the box, you will get complete hardware and installation instruction. All the clamps and connectors are made up of high quality material.

Moreover, the silicone connectors are very flexible with all strength and thermal stability exactly what you will need while installing air intake system.

Clamps also comes with marine-grade stainless steel and provide solid seal that holds the air intake tightly and won’t let you down during rough roads also.

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Key Features

  • Made for Jeep Wrangler 2012-2017
  • Increase horsepower and Fuel Economy
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Comes with reusable Pro 5 air filter
  • Silicone connectors for high performance
  • Marine Grade clamps for perfect grip
  • Easy to install
  • Made in USA

Check Here Volant Air intake system For All Jeep Wrangler Models


  • Increase fuel economy
  • Boost air flow due to its Cross Link Polyethylene duct
  • Good Engine sound and throttle response
  • Washable and reusable filter


  • Check for the proper fit as per model
  • Not very high change in performance

#4 Corsa Air Intake Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L V6 

It’s time to update your Engine with Corsa Performance PowerCore Closed Box Air Intake system that will increase overall efficiency of engine.

Designed to last up to 150,000 miles or 4 years, it comes with one of the most durable filter of all that does not require any oiling and cleaning.

Corsa air intakes, manufactured in USA uses the Donaldson PowerCore Filter that improve performance and helps to decrease filter maintenance over time. That is the reason you can say with this filter you did not care about the maintenance part.

The PowerCore filter are designed in such a way that they direct clean air to flow in the engine more efficiently with specifically designed channels which help optimizing engine performance.

In place of OEM air box you will get Corsa filter box that is engineered to minimize hot air from entering the engine that helps to increase horsepower.

Moreover, the air ducts are specifically designed with large diameters, unique bends and smooth transitions that maximize the breathing capabilities of your engine and pull out every ounce of power output from your engine.

Not only this, specially designed highly durable silicone connectors with all temperature resistance and marine grade clamps allow optimal performance with a large operating range.

It will take not more than 30-40 mins to install with all hardware and installation instruction and you will get to see results soon after the installation with better throttle response and instant increase in miles per gallon.

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  • Fit on 2012-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.6L V6
  • Comes with Maintenance free filter
  • No need of cleaning and oiling
  • Silicone Connectors with max. strength and Thermal stability
  • Marine Grade Clamps for ultimate grip
  • Backed by 150,00 Miles warranty
  • Made in USA

Check Corsa Air Intake system for All Jeep Wrangler Models


  • Made to give instant results
  • Boost HP and overall performance
  • Better throttle response
  • Easy Installation
  • Maintenance free


  • Check for the proper fit for your model otherwise you will face fitting issues.

#3 aFe Power Momentum GT 75-76204 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Performance Intake System (Oiled, 7-Layer Filter)

Outflow your factory intake by up to 43 % and boost the trapped power of your engine with the aFe Power Momentum GT 75-76204 Jeep Wrangler (JK) Performance Intake System (Oiled, 7-Layer Filter).

With its unique design and made, you will get the additional 12 Hp and 11Lbs x ft torque gain in your system – This air intake is basically the perfect blend of performance with all around protection.

It comes with smooth one-piece sealed housing with auxiliary air scoop that is being used to eliminate the use of multiple-piece housings and ensure the coolest air intake charge available.

A large, clear sight window is used for a hassle-free filter inspection and an aggressive style.

You will get Huge 7- layer pre-oiled Performance Air Filter that is 8” Tall round inverted top 360 degree and gives radial flow with 5-layers of progressively finer Oiled Cotton Gauze and 2-layers of finer Porosity synthetic non-woven media for highest filtration efficiency even during extreme dust conditions.

It also comes with unique air filter-to-housing interface (patent pending) that allows maximum filter size which increases the available air volume while simplifying the installation process.

You will get an additional urethane plug in case you want to completely seal the air box.

With all the power and protection, the system uses a CAD designed, dyno-tuned, roto-mold intake tube that allows maximum flow of air along while maintaining perfect fit.

Moreover, premium stainless steel T-bolt clamps and urethane couplers are also there for more secure installation.

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Key Features

  • Made for Jeep Wrangler (All Models)
  • +12 HP / +11 lbs. x ft. Torque max gain
  • Outflows factory intake by up to 47%
  • CAD-Designed Roto-Molded Intake Tube
  • One-Piece Sealed Housing
  • Pro 7-layer oiled- 5-Layer Progressively Finer Mesh Cotton Gauze Oiled Media for Maximum Performance and 2 layers of synthetic material
  • Built-In Sight Window Provides Easy Inspection of Filter Without Disassembly
  • Unique (Patent Pending) Filter-to-Housing Interface for Easy Installation
  • No cutting or drilling on factory parts for faster installation
  • Easy installation with Power and protection

Check aFe Power Air Intake system for Jeep Wrangler All Models


  • Outburst factory intake by 47%
  • Designed to increase overall performance
  • Add unique looks with aggressive sound
  • Installation is very easy
  • Properly Sealed to withstand any conditions


  • Be careful while installing as wrong installation might lead to no performance increase
  • Always check for proper fit as per your vehicle

#2 Airaid 310-132 Intake System with Oiled Filter

Enhance your Engine’ performance with the Airaid Cold Intake system as it feed more air to the engine and unleash its trapped potential.

Airaid Intake Systems are specifically designed to take full advantage of today’s vehicle technology. They are recognized throughout the world as the standard in high-performance intake system upgrades with a price that makes it even more sensible for the motorsports enthusiasts.

Airaid MXP air intake system offer better breathing to your engine which results in more horsepower and torque.

Airaid intake system designed for high-performance gas and diesel applications. With all new high-quality components, excellent fit and finish, the intake system will give you superior horsepower and accelerations gains with aggressive styling.

The Airaid MXP replaces stock air box with one-piece roto-molded air box where air is directed through a new air intake tube constructed of cross-linked, high-density polyethylene that is easy to install and outburst the airflow and gives jump in performance increase.

The washable and reusable premium air filter is less restrictive and gives superior filtration while intake take system maintains proper air-to-fuel ratio that will eliminate the need of re-calibrations after installation.

Many AIRAID air intake systems are offered with the option of oiled (SYNTHAFLOW)  or non-oiled (SYNTHAMAX) air filters. SYNTHAFLOW is recommended when driving in dusty dry conditions while SYNTHAMAX is recommended for street driving.

So, with the premium air filters, high end quality components it offers “No-Hassle” lifetime warranty and easy installation.

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  • Superior HP , acceleration gains and gives better throttle response
  • Comes with premium washable and reusable filter
  • Free flow the air with its cross-linked, air intake tube
  • Premium construction to withstand any temperature
  • Maintain proper air-to-fuel ratio and easy to install
  • Backed by “no-hassle” life warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Easy Installation

Check out Airaid Air intake System for All Jeep Wrangler Models


  • Handmade finest components
  • Filter washable and reusable
  • Superior HP and aggressive sound
  • Heat shield for Ultimate protection
  • Superior Filtration ,Unmatched fit and finish


  • Be very careful while installing and follow proper instruction to see change in performance
  • Wrong installation might lead to no performance gain


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