Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016|wiki

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Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

10)BMD-4 (Boyevaya Mashina Desanta)-Russia

The BMD-4 ,an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)  entered service with Russian airborne units in 2005.It is the heavily armed 13.6 ton weigh battle tank with powerful armament.It has crew of 3 with capacity of more 5 passengers.It has a speed of 70 km/h with the operational range of 500 km.

Armament-100mm 2A70 rifled cannon gun,30mm autocannon.Secondary armaments include 30mm AGS-30 grenade launcher,7.62mm PKT coaxial machine gun,5.45 mm RPK machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

BMD-4 (Boyevaya Mashina Desanta)-Russia

9)ZBD2000 (Z-family)-China

The ZBD2000 is an amphibious Armoured fighting vehicles developed for the PLA Marine corps.It is light tank,a command post  and a recovery vehicle.It is in Service from 2006.It has a crew capacity of 3 with 8 more troops.It has Speed of 65Km/h with 500 km operational range.

Armaments-IFV  30mm cannon turret,Light tank 105mm rifled gun.Remote controlled 30mm autocannon with HJ-8 missiles.Secondary Armaments include 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun,7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

ZBD2000 (Z-family)-China

8)2S25 (Sprut-SD)-Russia

The 2S25 Sprut-SD is a self propelled tank destroyer or light tank developed and manufactured by Russian defense company Volgograd tractor factory.It is in service from 2005.It is designed to defeat tanks,hard-skinned material and enemy manpower by airborne and amphibious landing forces.It has crew of 3 and speed of 70km/h with the operational range of 500Km.

Armament-125mm 2A75 smoothbore gun.Secondary armaments include 7.62 mm PKT coaxial machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

2S25 (Sprut-SD)-Russia

7)Sabra (M60T)-Israel

The Sabra M60T is the main battle tank developed by Israel Military Industries.It is in service from 2007.With the crew of 4 it has a speed of 48 km/h with the operational range of 450 km.It has independent trailing arm suspension system.

Armament-120mm MG253 gun.Secondary armaments include 7.62mm m240 coaxial weapon,7.62mm MG2A1 machine gun,12.7mm M85 machine gun,60mm internal mortar.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

Sabra (M60T)-Israel

6)Type 10 MBT-japan

The type 10 is a 4th generation MBT main battle tank that the Japan Ground Self Defense Force has been equipped with.The tank has capability to face anti-tank warfare,mobile strikes,special operations force attacks and other contingencies.It has a crew of 3 and moves with 70km/h with 400km operational range.It has Hydropneumatic Active suspension system.

Armaments-Japan Steel works 120 mm Smoothbore cannon with automatic Loader.Secondary armament includes M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun,Type 74 7.62 mm machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

Type 10 MBT-japan

5)Rotem K2 (black panter)-South Korea

The K2 Black panther is a South Korean Main battle tank which is being into the service from 2014.It has a crew of 3 and moved with speed of 70km/h on the operational range of 450 km.It has a In-arm suspension has a classified type of composite Armour .

Armaments—120mm smoothbore gun.Secondary armaments include 12.7 mm k6 machine gun,7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

Rotem K2 (black panter)-South Korea


4)T-99 Armata(UCP)-Russia

The t-99 Armata,Universal Combat Platform is a multirole Armoured Vehicle that the Russian Army has been equipped with.This is the future project of Armata family possible to come in service from 2016.It has a crew of 3 members.

Armament-152mm smoothbore main gun,crew-less turret .Secondary armament includes 57mm automatic grenade launcher fittecoaxilly,12.7 mm machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

T-99 Armata(UCP)-Russia

3)MBT-3000 (main Battle tank 3000)-china

The main battle tank 3000 is a third generation main battle tank currently under development by Norince.It has expected to have a srew of 3 and moved with speed of 68km/h in an operational range of 500km.It has torsion bar suspension system.

Armaments-125mm smoothbore gun.Secondary armament 12,7mm AAMG,7.62mm Coaxial MG.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

Model of MBT-3000 (main Battle tank 3000)-china

2)Altay MBT-turkey

The Altay is the advanced main battle tank,designed and developed by Otokar of Turkey for the Turkish Army.It is 2 most powerful MBT.It is in service from 2015.It has a crew of 4 and moved with the speed of 70km/h and operational range is 500kms.It has a hrdropnuematic Suspension System.

Armaments-Aselsan/STM Volkan  III assisted MKEK 120mm smoothbore gun.Secondary armaments Aselsen STAM/II stabilized remote control turret.,12.7mm machine gun.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

Altay MBT-turkey

1)T-14 Armata-Russia

It is the No.1 most powerful Russian 5 th generation  Main Battle Tank based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform.It has crew capacity of 3 members.It has a speed of 70-80kms/h with the operational range of 50kms.

Armaments-125mm smoothbore 2A82-1M tank cannon with 45 Rounds.Secondary armaments include 12.7 mm Kord machine gun,7.62mm PKTM machine gun.READ MORE.

Top 10 Combat Tanks 2016

T-14 Armata-Russia


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