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Stealth Ship

Stealth Ship

A stealth Ship is a ship that uses stealth technology to hide from the range of radar,visual,sonar and infrared methods.The techniques that Steatlh ship uses in stealth technology are borrowed from stealth aircraft technology.Wake and acoustic signature reduction are unique features which makes it different from that of stealth aircrafts.

While designing the stealth ship special attention should be given to reduce maximum radar signature.As the radar beams originating near or slightly above the horizon coming from active radar seekers therefore the shape of the ship avoids vertical surfaces which would be generally suitable for radar signals to reflect back to emitter. Cat’s eye effect can be avoided by eliminating Retro-reflective right angles.

Super Fast US navy Sea Shadow Stealth Ship

SEA Shadow was basically an experimental stealth ship built by Lockheed for US navy  just for testing purpose.The ship was built in 1984 mainly to determine how a long range radar profile might be achieved and to test the stability hull configurations and examine stealth technology on naval vessels.

Stealth Ship Sea shadow

Stealth Ship Sea shadow

Sea Shadow had a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull design .The twin hulls were submerged into water each with propeller,aft stabilizer  and inboard hydrofoil to ensures the proper working.The portion of ship that is on the surface of the water was connected to the hulls via the two angles struts.

The Special SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) design helped the ship to stay even in very rough and unstable water or in the sea state with 18-20 meters high waves.

The super fast Sea Shadow had only 12 bunks aboard,one small microwave oven,a refrigerator and table. Actually the Sea shadow was made to examine the stealth technology on naval vessels and after the testing  it was dismantled in 2012 by Bay ship as US navy sold it because of lack of interest.

Check this video of Super fast US navy Sea Shadow Stealth Ship

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