SeaHawk SH-60B|multirole Navy Helicopter

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The  SeaHawk SH-60B,a specially equipped navy helicopter is manufactured by Sikorsky Aircrafts in Stratford,Connecticut.This is The derivative for the the special UH60A Black Hawk US Army Helicopter.

SeaHawk SH-60B Multirole Navy Helicopter

The various types of SeaHawk helicopters are in the service of US navy from 1982.About 230 Seahawks arethere in US NAVY carrying the different designations as SH-60B,SH-60F,HH-60J,HH-60H,SH-60R,MH-60S and MH-60R.The export varient for Sh-60B is designated as Sh-70B.

SeaHawk Sh-60B

SeaHawk Sh-60B

The Sh-60B SeaHawk is specially designed for used in the platform of Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Subsystem (LAMPS) Mark III mission and it is successful in earning in reputation as an excellent fully integrated air/ship weapons carrier.With the best ever hosting the primary missions includes Anti-submarine Warfare(ASW),Anti-Surface Unit Warfare (ASUW) and Anti-Ship Surveillance ad targeting (ASST) that includes all weather surveillance search and rescue,anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare and strike warfare with the capabilities of tracking and attacking with torpedoes,sonobouys and missiles.It also serves various other special operations such as drug interdiction,communication relay,cargo lift over 1800 kg and medical evacuation.

SH-60B Cabin and Navigation Suite

Sh-60B cabin provides a spacious ,wide and comfortable increased space for passengers.Along with pilot and co-pilot two more flight crew members can also accommodate in cabin namely Sensor operator and weapon system operator.Different companies supplied best navigation suite for Sh-60B which includes AN/APS-124 seach radar,AN/ARn-118(V) Tacan,AN/APN-127 Doppler radar,AN/ARA-50 UHF and AN/APR-194(V) radar system.

SeaHawk SH-60B (image

SeaHawk SH-60B (image

Engine And Performance

The Sh-60B is equipped with two general electrics T700-GE-401C turboShaft engines with HP of 2 X 1900.Its fueliing capacity is of about 2200 litres in hover mode.It is also equipped by Fairey Hydraulics Decklock landing system for the complete safety landing of crew.It can attain cruise speed of 250 km/h with the maximum takeoff weight of 10.6t.It can capable of flying at high altitude of 5,790m at a rate of 213m a minute.With the 3 hours of its endurance it can provide the range of 590 km.

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Export Variants

SeaHawk also provide its services in the navy of Australia , Greese ,Thailand ,Japan ,Spain ,Taiwan and Turkey.

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