How to Choose the Best Air Intake System for car or Truck|Maximise Performance & Boosted Fuel efficiency

How to Choose the Best Air Intake System for car or Truck|Maximise Performance & Boosted Fuel efficiency

Do you want to improve your truck or car’s performance level? Or Do you want to increase the fuel economy or Power of your car or truck?

There are many ways to improve the power,Performance and Fuel efficiency  by upgrading and installing different mods & upgrades in your truck.There is a list of mods and upgrades I have posted earlier that increase the power and performance level of your truck.

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But here I talk only about One of the easiest ways to enhance the performance level of your Car i.e. just by upgrading your air Intake system.

How to Choose the Best Air Intake System for car or Truck|Maximise Performance & Boosted Fuel efficiency

First of all let us know how the Air intake system actually enhance the performance level.

The main motive of Air Intake system is to improve Combustion.Basically the Cylinders in internal combustion engines make controlled explosion with a  mixture of fuel and air.Typically,your engine does not receive as much air as it should for optimal combustion.Due to air intakes tubes,bends and turns,air box and stock air filter that usually restrict the air flow and heat up the air and result in lowering the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to the combustion chamber,causing a fuel-rich mix that doesn’t ignite powerfully or efficiently.

At that time Air Intake Systems/or Cold Intake system plays a crucial role,by freeing up restrictions and cooling down air flow it solves the inherent problems with stock intakes and maximise combustion in your engine.

The free-flowing design combined with a high-flow air filter fills the combustion chamber with extra oxygen and enhance the Combustion.By improving combustion the Performance Air Intakes will give your vehicles Power gains,Fuel efficiency and Increased Throttle Response.

This is actually how the Air Intake system work .Now the question is How can I Choose the best Air intake System for my vehicle.choose1

There are a wide variety of Air Intake Systems and Components in the market .You have seen many websites selling Air Intake System each with their own benefits in style,price and performance.

But How do you pick the best and right one performance air Intake system for your car or your truck  that increase the performance level without going out of your budget as for some people budget is also a concern.But no worry here we discuss the best performance Air Intake systems that not only increases your performance level but also suits with your pocket.

Now Firstly, the type of vehicle you drive can influence what intake is best for you.Let us take a example if you drive a performance sport compact, an AEM Air Intake would be an appropriate choice.

And if you have trucks or SUVs,then the Banks Intakes are much better for you that are specially designed for the high torque and power required for heavy operations.whatever type of vehicle you have what ever Air Intake you choose the main motive of Air Intakes is to ensure the superior performance with a perfect fit.

The second thing that you should consider about, is Budget.You can always buy that  product Only which suits your pocket so Cost is the main concern as some economy-minded drivers and performance-obsessed racers are also there in the market.

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One thing is to choose the cheaper Intake system like Some Pontaic Grand Am Air Intake kits utilise less expensive materials to lower their price tag.And they are also quite good with impressive performance Increment.There are also Other system too like Airaid Intake Kit give you similar fine-tuned performance as more expensive kits without going out of your pocket.

choose4The Other way is you purchase individual parts of an system without buying a complete one like you can buy intake tubes and put it on your vehicle.

By replacing the air filter also cost not too much but it increases the performance level. A new performance air filter will let your engine breathe larger amounts of cleaner air without the expense of a full system.And one more benefit is that you don’t need to buy another filter again as the reusable filters basically pay for themselves.So,the deal in not bad!choose3

If The Budget is not the concern and you have to maximise the performance level at any cost then give your vehicle a complete upgrade by bolting on an intake as well as an aFe Throttle Body Space and a MAF Sensor.

Apart From Type and Budget ,looks are also the another concern while choosing the best performance Air intake Systems.Some peoples doesn’t like the old and dull looking black plastic tube instead of this they want something looks good without compromising with the performance.

choose2So there are some Brands that specially take care of this need of customers and made the Air Intake systems more inspiring and good looking with impressive colour designs.AeM Intakes and K&N Air intakes are available in Mirror-Like polished finishes as well as a Variety of anodised finishes that add a hot performance look under the hood.

So whatever vehicle you have ,choosing the best Air Intake is the most important thing and also crucial for your engine as it upgrades the performance level increases the throttle response and boosted the Fuel Efficiency.

I have Listed Best Air Intakes systems in my coming articles.

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