How the competition between Airbus And Boeing led the Boeing to make Double Decker jumbojet 747-8

How the competition between Airbus And Boeing led the Boeing to make Double Decker jumbojet 747-8

The competition between Airbus and Boeing become tougher when the Airbus A380 comes into the market.The focus over the Boeing 747 diverted towards the super-jumbo A380 jet air-plane.

So the Boeing decided to take step for giving competition to A380 Superjumbo jet.

In the last article we see the Boeing faced many problems while Thinking about the making of Double Decker air-plane.

Here Are the Problems faced while designing the Double Deckor Airplane just like Airbus A380

So What Boeing should make to compete with Airbus A380? This is the very big question everyone should think about.

One way is that the Boeing should deign the newer Double Decker Air-plane.But this is not so eas s designing a new Double Decker air-plane costs a lot and it takes may years and it may be the huge risk whether the Air-plane successfully gets its palce in the market or not as Airbus A380 is always flying.So the designing of newer air-plane is considered to be bad idea.

So the Second option for the Boeing left is Modifying the Present 747 air-plane.

It is easy to say,But doing it would requires tremendous re-engineering.As there are so many technical challenges the engineers should faced.The centre of gravity world shift substantially towards the rear of the plane,which means that the wings may need to be re-positioned.To ensure sufficient control surface would remain in the air-stream there was need to modify rudder assembly.The tail would need to b longer.

Fuselage needs to be much stronger as it has to accommodate two full floors.The partition between the floors needs to be stronger.More Volume of air Needs to be pressurized,So engines would have to pump in more air.The wings may have to be elongated.

With the increases in weight the load capacity of air-plane would probably decreases so as to balance the added weight.And also it requires more powerful engines.More power means more fuel needed.More fuel means increase in cost .

Also it would requires more wheels to support the added weight.As the Size and weight increases the aircraft would require longer runway to take-off and land.And also the Airframe of 747 is few decades older.

So by seeing these factor Boeing should be in delima what should it do whether design a new air-plane or re-design the existing one.As designing a new plane would likely to be cheaper overall than redesigning an existing airframe to this extend.

So What should Boeing Do?

Instead of investing tens of billions in Designing a new plane from scratch,the Boeing decided to stretched their successful 747 series and made her longer and lighter.The aircraft is named as 747 dash or “747-800”.The aircraft is claimed to be 11% more efficient per seat compared to A380.So in this Boeing Compete with A380 without making a new plane.BoeinHow the competition between Airbus And Boeing led the Boeing to make Double Decker jumbojet 747-8

Conclusive discussion

Now It’s the time for Airbus As previously when Boeing 747 was in its great success the Airbus made more precise aircraft A380 which is more superior bigger and efficient than 747 and beats all the generation of 747s.But in the answer to A380 without making the new air-plane the Boeing modify its 747 and made 747-8 air-plane which is better ,efficient and gives competition to Airbus A380.

Now all the pressure comes on Airbus as it has to made a newer aircraft that beats 747-8.So the Airbus designed new version called A380-Neo which is little more efficient than B747-8.This is how market Dyanamics work.


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