Harpoon Anti-ship Misile VS Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile|Wiki

Harpoon Anti-ship Misile VS Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile|Wiki

The Harpoon is an all-weather,over the horizon,anti-ship missile system developed and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas  Boeing Defense,Space and Security (USA).Approximately more than 7000 harpoon missiles are built till date.Harpoon missiles come in all the three versions:Surface launched RGM-84A,Air-launched AGM-84A and Submarine launched UGM-84A.

Whereas on the other side BRAHMOS is a short range ramjet supersonic  cruise missile developed by BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited which is formed by a Joint venture between Russian Federation’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia and India’s Defence Research and development Organisation(DRDO).It can be launched from submarines,ships,aircraft or land.It is considered the world’s fastest cruise missile in operation.

Harpoon Anti-ship Misile VS Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile|Wiki

Harpoon Missile Vs BrahMos Missile

Engine and Performance

Harpoon misiile is powered by Teledyne CAE J402 turbojet engine that is capable of producing 2.9KN thrust.It has a solid propellent booster for surface and submarine launches.The missile has a speed of 537 Mph(864 km/h) with the operational range of 124 km depending on the platform from which it launched.

Whereas on the other hand BrahMos is powered by two stage (first stage:solid propellant booster and Second Stage:liquid fueled)Ramjet engine .As it considered the fastest missile it has a speed of 2131.4 Mph (3430.1 km/h) nearly 4 (four) times the speed of Harpoon missile.It has operational range of 300-500 Km which is also the 4(four) that of Harpoon missile.

Other Specifications

Harpoon Missile BrahMos Missile
Unit Cost US$ 1.2 million US$ 2.73 million
Weight 691 Kg with booster 3000 Kg
Warhead 221 kg 200Kg conventional semi-Armour-piercing and nuclear
Flight Altitude Sea-Skimming Sea-Skimming,as low as 3-4 metres
Guidance System Sea-Skimming Cruise Monitored by radar altimeter/active radar terminal homing Mid course guidance by Inertial navigation systemTerminal Guidance by Active Radar Homing

GP/GLONASS/Indian Regional Navigation System/GAGAN Satellite guidance system using G3OM

Launch Platform Multi Platform Ship,Submarine,Aircraft and Land-based mobile launchers
Latest Variant Harpoon Next Generation (Upcoming) BrahMos II


As from my side BrahMos missile is better than that of Harpoon missile because of number of reasons.The speed and range of BrahMos is 4 times that of Harpoon missile.No doubt BrahMos missile has twice as costly than Harpoon missile but it can be launched from land-based mobile launcher also whereas the latest variant of Harpoon missiles can able to launched from mobile launcher.

So according to me BrahMos is the best till the date but don’t depend on my words conclude by your own.

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