FA-18 Hornet replace by F-35C At NAS LEMOORE As reported by US NAVY

F-35C aircraft

F-35C aircraft

After the more than three years of analysis,the US navy decided to make F-35C aircraft homebased at Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore by replacing the old aging FA-18 Hornet aircraft.

FA-18 Hornet replace by F-35C At NAS LEMOORE As reported by US NAVY

The navy decided to base 100 Lockheed Martin F-35C lighting II Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) At NAVAL Air Station Lemoore California and the aircrafts began moving to the base in 2016 by replacing the old aging Pacific fleet of FA-18 hornet aircraft.The transition of 100 F-35C aircraft including seven F-35C fleet squadrons of 10 aircraft and 30-jet training squadron,is expected to completed by 2028.

The navy announces its decision after carefully weighing the strategic,operational and environmental conditions for the proposed actions so as to provide proper facilities and functions to support the homebasing F-35C aircrafts at NAS Lemoore.

The navy already removed 30 Plane hornet FRS in 2013.

These aircrafts also brings very benefits for Lemoore. As stated by sources,these new jets will bring 751 military and civilian personnel and more than 1569 dependents people to the area of Lemoore by 2028.Not only this the project also brings short-termed benefits to the area from the construction and demolition projects which are expected to creates approximately 661 jobs and $36 million in labour income.

Lemoore Mayor Lois Wynne said “i’m very excited about it,Not only is it good for Lemoore but also for all of kings County and the Valley.”

Congressman David G.Valadao stated that,”Not only the basing of the F-35C aircraft will make Naval Air Station Lemoore a crucial place of the navy’s Strike power in the pacific but also it enables our region to play important role in our Nation’s defense in coming years.”

The construction process is expected to begin next year with the estimated cost of $240 million that provides facilities and infrastructure for maintenance and for training. A total of 1.6 million square feet of construction is requires for placing 5 training facilities,10 operations and maintenance facilities and 1 personal support facility.



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