Drone boats will make cover for Warships US NAVY

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Drone Boat will defend Warships

Drone Boat will defend Warships

US Navy decides to armed robotic patrol boats or Drone boats with  no sailor on board to defend large sailing Warships over the sea  lanes.The drone boats will start protecting warships within a year as said by Defense officials.

Drone boats will make cover for Warships US NAVY

The Arlington based Office of Naval Research demonstrated the  swarm boat technology in August on the James river in Virginia  which is near to the navy’s largest fleet concentration area. The results or demonstration released on Sunday in which it was  decided that there were as many as 13 small robotic patrol boats escorting a High value warship over the sea lanes.5 patrol boats out of 13 were defend or guard the navy ship and remaining 8 drone boats were ordered to find the threat and detect the enemy  over the region.And then After detecting the enemy drone boats can decide themselves what movement to make to defend their mother ship.The drone boats after detecting the enemy work together and encircled the threat and make a safe path for the ship to move.

This technology of using robotic boats to defend warships is adopted by US navy from NASA’s rovers on Mars and this will surely helps US navy and also increase the role of robots in warfare.

The Unmanned patrol boats can also fire 50 caliber machine guns if required.The boats can be controlled by a sailor on a command  ship and the sailor can give any command and take over control at  time any of the individual boat.The done boats can automatically shut down if there is breakage of communication or connection between the boat and the sailor on the Command ship.

Researches have been working on this advanced technology for about a decade ago.Basically In boat the kit is placed on any  small vessel which includes sensors and Radars that detects  anything happening in the area and at the same time different  calculations are made that detect the type of threat and decides  the path of the boat and in this way the path of Mother Navy Ship as well.

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