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3 thoughts on “Contact Us


    sir , I am a delhihite , pursuing mechanical engineering , I want to contact u personally and clear some queries of mine relatd to automobiles and bikes . it would be really kind of u if u could contact me on +91-9582930476 or o my email id .
    also sir if u r residing in delhi only , so I would like to meet u , if u permit .
    do reply vivek sir
    thanking u
    lakshay malik

  2. Tabitha May


    Sorry for being so overly enthusiastic, I just wanted to get your attention!

    I’ve got some cash to spend and I want to partner with you. Are you open to any link placements on your site?

    It only takes two minutes to put a hyperlink in one of your old articles, that’s it! We can pay immediately.

    Just let me know and I can send over more details.

    Thanks for your time.


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