Boeing 737 Max|Family with MAXIMUM ERP

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Boeing 737 Max  family is the newest family of single-aisle airplanes which are going to replace the boing New generation family. The family includes Boeing 737 MAX 7,Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 737 MAX 9.737 MAX 7 is the replacement for boeing 737-700 ,737 MAX 8 is the replacement for boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX 9 replaces the 737-900.

Boeing 737 Max Family -A Boeing Family with MAXIMUM ERP

MAX family considered as the fourth generation family of 737.The primary and important change in these airplanes is the use  of the larger and more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines. There are also some additional changes in the airframe as well.

Boing 737 Max (image

Boing 737 Max

Development of the Boeing  737 MAX is on schedule with the firm configuration of the airplane that has to achieved in July 2013 .Its first flight is scheduled in 2016 and its delivery to the customers started with the beginning of 2017.Max Family can create such an impressive mark on market that already it can gain more than 2000 of orders from 41 customers.

Recently on June 16,2014 Turkish Airlines And Boeing finalized an order for 15 additional 737 MAX 8s valued at $1.6 billion with the announcement of order in the may 2014 along with the delivery of 50 737 MAXs and 20 Next-Generation 737s which is considered to be the largest boeing order in the airline’s history .”The 737 MAX is the most advanced single-aisle offering and the order for additional airplanes underlines Turkish Airlines’ confidence in the efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort of the 737 MAX,” said Todd Nelp, vice president of European Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Engine-Maximum Efficiency

The Boeing 737 MAX will deliver the big savings in fuel along with the maximum efficiency in engine that all the airliners require for future. Max family uses the LEAP-X engine powered by CFM International which reduces the usage of fuel and gives maximum efficiency with only 2.4% of CO2 emission which is almost equal to 310,455 tons of CO2 and resulting in savings of 215 million pounds of fuel. This engine considered to be the best engine with additional 1.4% fuel advantage and most cost and fuel efficient.

MUST SEE LEAP-X ENGINE powered by CFM International.

MAX lowers its operating cost by 8% as compared with its competitors. The new Boeing 737 MAX advanced technology winglet also provides an increase in the fuel efficiency up to 1.8%.The winglet technology provide by boeing maximize the lift. MAX 737 also incorporate with the latest quiet engine technology which helps in reduction of operational noise of the airplane.

Boeing 737 MAX extend its range advantage over Next Generation 737 by flying more than 3600 nautical miles, an direct increases of 405-580 nautical miles over Next Generation 737.

airinsight.com_DESIGN-Maximum Reliability

737 Max family recorded as the best reliability ever from any other airplane with the departure schedule of 99.7 per cent Next Generation 737 within 15 minutes.

The 737 MAX has a more efficient structural design ever. Its design superiority over its competitors helps in reduction of inconvenience of passengers. You can determined its reliability on the fact that it can take care properly of passengers inconvenience. A fleet of 100 Next generation 737 airplanes flying five to six times a day, The 737s will have on average 590 fewer delays only and therefore avoids disrupting passengers when compared to a A320s fleet.

Maximum Passenger Appeal

It has Best flight deck ,flight controls , Boeing Sky Interior with overhead bins-that provides more room for passengers to store and carry their luggage along with them near their seat, best ever crew members and LED lighting effects attracts the passenger. Its comfortable interior with LCD landscape display, modern-sculpted sidewalls and high appealing features always draw the passengers eyes to the airplane windows and make them able to enjoy the best experience of flying in 737 MAX.

The redesigned reading-light switches ,Speakers integrated in each row and many more such changes attracts the passengers and increase their appeal.

So with this  737 MAX family considered to have a MAXIMUM ERP with E for the Maximum engine-fuel-cost efficiency, R for best Design with maximum Reliability and P for Maximum Passengers appeal which makes the Max family the best ever passengers planes in present decade.


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