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Edge Products’ CTS Insight Monitor is a superior device designed for use in any vehicle that is OBDII-enabled. It is an all-in-one digital monitor that will provide you with the info you need to know to monitor your engine vitals.

It offers the most advanced technology in engine monitoring available today and also offers many of the same great features and benefits users have come to expect from Edge products, along with a whole host of exciting additional features.

The “Mileage Coach” is another excellent feature capable of giving drivers real-time feedback regarding the effects of their driving habits on fuel economy.

Features of Edge Products 83830 CTS insight Monitor

  • One-touch easy menu navigation
  • Compatible with All OBD2 Vehicles above 1996
  • 4” full-color, high resolution, button-control screen
  • Switch between US or Metric units of measure
  • 5” full–color, high-resolution, swipe screen (CTS2)
  • Light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases
  • HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories
  • Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and backgrounds
  • Data Log runs
  • Multiple gauge screen layouts
  • Internet updateable
  • Notification center
  • Slim, sleek case design
  • Taking note of the “Mileage Coach”

Advantages and Disadvantages of CTS insight Monitor




User-Adjustable Audible Alert Settings It does have a fuel guage display in percentages as one of its menu options.
It is also very Compatible with optional EGT pyrometer for engine protection. It also does not read air/fuel ratio.
It features a built-in video port that allows users to connect the state-of-the-art Edge back-up camera directly to the CTS2 unit. The touch screen was not very responsive.
MyStyleTM software that allows users to choose from a variety of Edge custom backgrounds I have yet not successfully to get the “auto dim” feature to work (
You can also simply upload an image of your choice, size, crop and save to your CS2 or CTS2 unit for the ultimate in customization. It is not able to keep an eye on dual tanks easily.
Is also displays Fuel Rail Pressure on Duramax Engines A USB or SD card slot to store data over time option is not available
It can store upto 10 Units logs at a time. When  you start the truck again it will be frozen until you cycle the key a few times
It allows you to clear the trouble codes after you fix the problem without disconnecting the battery.


The software which have to use to update the monitor only runs on Windows

 Reviews of Edge Products 83830 CTS insight Monitor

  •  Installation is very simple and for the price so much cheaper than getting regular gauges installed for all the engine components it offers for you to manage from a device.
  • Moreover, It gives access to more parameters in your engine data. It is especially useful in my ’04 6.0L Ford diesel.
  • The automatic dimming screen works great and keeps it just right for the ambient lighting conditions.

  • It can measure numerous gauges and cool mileage monitoring features and also displays five parameters including engine coolant temp and transmission fluid temp.
  • One of the great things with this is that the things that I think could be fixed to make it better are actually capable of being fixed with the online updates this device is capable of
  • It also has 4 EGT sensors and has all of the normal gauges such as Engine Oil Temp, Engine Coolant Temp, Trans Temp, DEF Level


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 Conclusively, Edge Products 83830 CTS insight Monitor is a product that could save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of time. There is a good selection of pre-loaded backgrounds, or you can import personal pictures or patterns.

It has a 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) color touch screen. But It would be great if Edge put a glass touchscreen on the device similar to today’s smart phones. You should also add the Bluetooth and a companion app that could push the updates from a phone.

A USB or SD card slot to store data over time rather than having to connect it to a PC. It would be great if you could set G-force, pitch, and roll information up where those would only show up if you were in 4wd (or Tow/Haul) or something. For every day driving they are really not needed.

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