Airbus Helicopter EC645 T2 Twin Engined|Specs-Performance

Airbus helicopters launched its latest medium sized multirole Twin-engine EC645 T2
helicopter thats offers greater power to carry out diferent missions with more ease
and at maximum speed which results in more practical range,endurance and payload
capacity of the helicopter.It is formerly known as EUROCOPTER.

Airbus Helicopter EC645 T2 Twin Engined|Specs-Performance

Designed for doing special operations and lighter Attacks Eurocopter or Airbus Helicopter has high mission reliability even when it is operated in tougher high and hot environments  at the altitude more than 6000 ft.

Airbus helicopter EC645 T2

Airbus helicopter EC645 T2

With the cabin capacity up to 10 troops Airbus helicopter EC645 T2 has excellent access from both the sides even in confined  areas to perform tasks like fast ro ping and direct air assault with full ease. Eurocopter offers a excellent exterior visibility and stable and Accurate platform for firing with multipurpose pylons attached with release units.It has machine guns mounted on it with 12-tube and 7 tube rocket launcher that makes it a perfect military helicopter always ready to face any condition.With its guided missiles and perfect internal space for fully equipped  combat team Eurocopter can always be ready and operated in any environment.

Engine and performance

EC645 T2 is powered by two Turbomeca ARRIEL 2E engines that gives maximum  continuous power of 2 X 575 kW.It has a feature called FADEC (full authority
digital engine control) that makes it a powerful engine in its series.

With this powerful engine it can attain maximum cruise speed of 248km/h(134 kts)
that covers maximum range of 663 km with payload capacity or take off weight of
8,157 lb(3700 kg).

Its maximum take off power ,hover capability at the altitude of 9843 ft and
outstanding flexibility not only improves its performance but also makes it best
ever light battlefield support helicopter in its EC145 series.

Equipped with modern digital avionics and four axis autopilot system its
unobstructed cabin provides a room for carrying number of armaments that provides
easy access to complete special operations varying from direct C3 attack to light

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Length(included rotor turning) 44.72 ft/13.63 m
Fuselage length 38.35 ft/11.69 m
Height 13.12 ft/4 m
Main rotor diameter 36.09 ft/11 m
Width(only fuselage) 8.89 ft/2.71 m

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