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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mid Engine Cars

Engine placement plays a very important role in the dynamics of vehicle.Basically the term’mid-engine’ has generally used for the cars having engine located or placed between the driver and the rear drive axis.The engine placement affects the weight distribution,moment of inertia,passenger space and efficiency  of the vehicle.

Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mid engine cars.

Advantages of mid engine cars

The most important thing in vehicles is Vehicles stability.More the vehicle is stable more its ride quality increased at the time of turning.breaking and accelerating.Mid-engine layout helps in the stability of the vehicles.Basically the vehicles is properly stable when all load distributes to all the four wheels equally so this layout is chosen for proper weight distribution.The heaviest component is placed nearer to the center of the vehicle which reduces the vehicle’s moment of inertia and hence makes it easy and fast to turn the vehicle in any direction.So stability increases.

When the engine is in the middle instead of the front  of the vehicle then more weight is put over the rear tires which increases the traction and provide more assistance to the front tires in braking the vehicle which will decrease the chance of skidding the vehicle.

The mid-engine layout provides more traction to control and makes ABS brakes and traction control systems work even better.So vehicles stops even faster and chances of accident reduces which makes vehicle more safer.

Mid-engine placement helps in ideal car handling.If we talk about ideal car handling especially in sports car we required balanced traction between the front and rear wheels whenever cornering.Which helps in increasing the speed around curves without sliding out.without mid engine placement this balanced is harder to achieve.

This layout also makes easier for the suspension to absorb the force of bumps so that riders feel the smoother ride as engine which is heavy mass placed at the mid location of the vehicles.And in sports car smoother ride is very essential.

With all these advantages mid-engine drive must have some disadvantages or drawbacks.let us take a look over the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of mid-engine layout

The main disadvantage of the mid-engine vehicles is passenger space.Mostly seen mid-engine vehicles are capable of carrying only two passengers.The engine which is placed rear-mid position pushes the passenger compartment forward towards the front axle and decreases the seating capacity.

Basically when the engine is mounted behind the passenger then the engine cannot comes in direct contact with facing wind.So the cooling rate of the engine decreases as this may create a noticeable issue.But in newer designed cars this issue is resolved by employing large engine-compartment vents on the sides and rear of the bodywork to help dissipate heat from its very high-output engine.

Mid-engine cars are more dangerous.As the tires are more traction and superior balance whenever the driver losses control due to superior balance and low moment of inertia as mass is properly distributed the car begins to spin and cannot control easily.This will make the mid-engine cars more dangerous than other cars.

Here is the video explaining all the engineering about mid-engine cars.

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