5 Most Attractive Custom F150 LED Projector Headlights for Winter Driving|Best Buys

5 Most Attractive Custom F150 LED Projector Headlights for Winter Driving|Best Buys

Winter Driving presents a  number of challenges to you and your car.

Cold weather tests the limits of your car’s abilities. Treacherous conditions test your abilities as a driver. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself sliding towards a guard rail, wondering if your affairs are in order.

So as with Headlights!

Your Car old factory headlights with dull look faints your car attractiveness.And in foggy weather or especially in winters the brightness of headlights become feeble.

Not only that….

……some people even try with the some of the cheap Projector headlights available out there to enhanced the look of their car.


But they all go with the same problem…

“Which is the Best Headlight?”

“Which one suits with the trend and looks more effective and attractive?”

Can I get dazzling headlights without spending a bomb?

These are the questions I get asked all the time.

If you have the same question,I’m glad I’ve answered it in this post.

Most of us keep looking for a lot of stuff online and tend to get confused.

Taking into account,I’ve listed the Top 5 LED Projector Headlights,which I believe will make your work a little simpler,and help you in buying the right Set of headlights to enhanced the beauty of your ford truck.

Shall We Start!

Let’s Go..

5 Most Attractive Custom F150 LED Projector Headlights for Winter Driving|Best Buys

#5 Spyder Auto Ford F150 Black Halogen LED Projector Headlight

Taking about the Most Attractive LED Projector Headlights out there?

Well Here’s the Holy Grail.1-3

To be Honest,Spyder Auto Ford F150 Black Halogen Led Lights are isn’t the only most attractive Projector Headlights lights.

There are plenty of options from brands like Excelvan,Kingneed,iRULU etc that provides projector lights even at low prices.

However none of them stands out and happens to be marginally better than your Vehicle’s pre-equipped car headlights.1-2

But Spyder Auto Black Halogen Car Projector LED Lights on the other side,sure as hell does the job very well especially during the winter driving.

Your Ford Trucks deserves High-quality Treatment,and when it comes to custom mods,Spyder headlights are the Ultimate. Deck out your pavement-searing ride’s front-end with this brilliant upgrade and enjoy better lighting and revamped style every time you hit the streets.

Whether you’re looking for a new set of custom F150 headlights or you want to swap out those dull stock bulbs, Spyder Headlights provide the perfect solution.

Spyder Auto headlights offer a sleek, innovative design that delivers optimal quality and instant upgrade to your outdated headlights.The LED lights are designed to improve looks and visibility for your vehicle.1-1

Made by an OE Approved and ISO Certified manufacturer  and meeting the excellent quality the Spyder Headlights provides the Driver with excellent lighting that increases the Driver’s visibility even in foggy weathers during winter driving.

Talking about the installation ,I ve mentioned the quick installation guide in the video (embedded) below.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings..


Apart from these all the wiring for the headlights are pre-assembled for essential plug and play application,The halo rim wires whereas need to connect and do some simple wiring connection. They are made with OEM standard quality and are designed for stock lights direct replacement.


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#4 Anzo USA Ford F-150 Projector with HALO Led Black Headlights

Anzo USA happens to be well-recognized brand in automotive industry.

They ‘re responsible for pulling out some of the best LED Projector Headlights out there from their hat.2-1

If you get a LED Headlight with Anzo USA written on it,it certainly won’t disappoint you.

All AnzoUSA quality products are D.O.T.(Department of Transportation) compliant to FMVSS-108 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and backed by One Year Warranty.

Anzo USA  Projector with HAL LED Headlight happens to have a attractive classic design and setting it up is its easiest section.2-3

For Installing,you have to directly replaces factory lenses thats it!

The projector headlights are computer designed for innovative trend setting style using the latest in C.A.D. technology and equipment.2-2

The Custom F150 projector headlights feature the newest halo design utilizing CCFL technology to insure high brightness, higher efficiency, lower power consumption and longer life. OEM style weather tight connections and wire harnesses’ ensure a weather-resistance fit in even toughest climates.

For installation I’ve mentioned a installation guide in the video(embedded) below.

A simple plug and play installation for custom style, design and additional safety.It provides clean and great match for hi-tech Euro Style.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings..

The Headlights are Thermo-Hygrometer (temperature and humidity chamber) and Rain-Resistant Tested.The LED lights provides the better visibility even in foggy areas with its CCFL Technology .


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#3 Spec-D Tuning Ford F-150 Black LED HeadLights & Smoked Halo Fog Lights

If I say that you haven’t heard about this brand ‘Spec-D Tuning” before,then I Might be wrong.

It is certainly a really sort of extra ordinary brand.

I’ll tell you why!

The brand specialises in developing all type of car and truck accessories that can easily available and fit in your vehicle.3-1

This brand also impresses me lot because of its fair price rates of its products that are somewhat more economic than other brands.

And Guess What!

Spec-D Tuning Smoked Halo Fog Lights are no hasssle to use and one of the best headlights in our list with the simple and well defined look .

You can easily replace you old dull factory headlights without blowing a fuse in your bank account if you may be in dire need of lighting upgrade.

If fitting is your concern,then no worries,with the Custom-designed the Spec-D Headlights replaces your subpar factory headlights and ensure a flawless fit.The lights are crafted to bolt directly in place of your stock lights,guaranteeing hassle-free installation.( if you have a good experience of installation before)3-2

With this upgrade,you don’t have to worry about any rewiring or soldering.After installing in your Ford F-150 truck it double its performance level during winters due to its super-bright performance,a  modern design and weather sealed construction so moisture stays out.

The package included Brand New set of lights in original packaging exactly as shown in the picture.

Talking about the Halo Fog Lights,it does not come with the installation manual,for this you have to take guidance from some professional person.Which is in this case is highly recommended.As The instruction manual is not provided so , I adviced if you don’t have any knowledge of installing the headlights before then you may not take any risk!

Lets look out some fast facts about Spec-D Tuning Headlights 

You don’t have to concern for the quality because these lights are made by an OE approved and ISO Certified manufacturer with the quality meet or exceed all OE Standards.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings..

Moreover These lights are well designed for producing High/Low beam with the H1 Light Bulbs according to the weather.In the foggy weather the High Quality smoke lens projector fog lights come into play along with halo rings.Talking about the kit,it includes 1 pair of fog Lights,wiring harness and mounting bracket.


#2 SPPC Black Projector Headlights Halo for Ford F-150

I personally like the Draped in Z-black look of SPPC Black Projector headlights.

These are  the cheapest Projector headlights set in out list.

These Lights are especially manufactured with affordable & Excellent merchandise for enhancing the style of your vehicle & brings out a totally different look to your Car.4-1

This might Sound funny;however I feel that SPPC Projector Headlight Halo looks like the father of all headlights featured here,with its attractive look,imperial design and outstanding cost.

Before I talk much about these headlights,lets take a look what’s inside the box!

The package include complete brand new set with left and right side Projector lights in original packaging.

Now coming to the design of the Headlights,These High Quality headlights diverted your attention towards its Unique Style that dramatically improve styling,Appearance & Safety.4-2

These Headlights also recommended the guidance of Some professional person a the time of installation as the No instruction manual included with the package.So Professional Installation is Highly Recommended.

These headlights are come with H7 light bulbs for producing low beam and H1 Light bulbs for High Beam.These combination of two provide the excellent experience of brightness and lighting effect.4-3

With these headlights, you don’t need to compromise even with the quality as some people believe that lower the cost lower the quality but this is not so in this case,It meets or Exceed DOT & SAE Standards and made by OEM approved manufacture with materials that meet strict OEM requirements.

Check out the Customer Reviews and Ratings..

These headlights give your truck a very sleek and clean ruff look and also proves very useful in winters or raining season as due to its tight fit you have not come with any problem with water or condensation seepage.So Don’t Worry about weather with these headLights, just go on!




I hope you enjoyed My article 5 Most Attractive Custom F150 LED Projector Headlights for Winter Driving to its entire bits.

I do hope that this article helped you in making a definitive choice when it comes to choosing an Best ,Eye attracting and affordable Custom F150 Ford LED Projector Headlights that I believe surely helps you in Winter driving.

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