5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear

5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear

Are your searching for the best Roof top tents for making your camping Adventurous?

If yes!

Then this article is your go to guide to choose the best and most suitable roof top tent for your adventure camping.

Car camping is popular in most parts of the world, and yet easy to accomplish with just a rooftop camping tent.5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear

Nowadays people love roof top tents for their classic adventurous looks, thick comfortable mattresses, safety from animals on the ground, and of course their ease of setup compared to the traditional stake and pole jobs we were all raised on.

The Only reason that one should worry about the roof top tent is Price! As roof top tents are little more expensive.

As the Roof top tents need investment-you should be quite aware and do proper research and evaluate all your options before buying the roof top tents.

Most often these factors affect your camping like-how may people you share your camp, how often you camp,in which weather you’re planning for the champ,whether you want an extra room or not ,or which is best suitable tent for your vehicle.

All these factors are crucial and you need to take a proper look before buying a rooftop tent for your camping.

Truck Bed Camping is also very famous in many parts of world.But for that you must have a truck.Here in my last article I’ve mentioned the top 5 best Truck bed tents for camping-if you have a truck then you must look after it.

Coming to Roof top tents-As price plays an important role,you must take care of your need and desire while selecting the best suitable tent for your vehicle.5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear

Considering all these point I’ve listed the Top 5 best Designed Roof top tents that will make your camping adventures in all weathers.

You can choose which one is better for your vehicle.

So without wasting more time let’s start the list.

Here we Go!

5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear

#5 Smittybilt 2783 Folded Tent 

I always prefer Smittybilt for off-road vehicles’ Accessories and Parts. All Smittybilt products are created by off-road enthusiasts who recognise a need for something better than what has been previously available.roof5-1It’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors by bringing Smittybilt Overlander Tents that provides extra comfort just like as your home.

The Overlander Tent attaches to the roof of your vehicle and sets up in just minutes, keeping you safe and secure as you sleep.

The new Annex can be added to the bottom of the deployed tent with rugged zippers. The optional Annex  provides privacy and has windows and mosquito netting to ensure an enjoyable outdoors experience. Constructed from 600D heavy duty ripstop polyester, the 84-inch x 60-inch Annex provides space for cooking, changing clothes, and more.roof5-4

Construction of the Overlander Tents with heavy-duty rip-stop polyester-waterproof material and polyurethane-impregnated on the top makes it more durable. Dual aluminium track for universal installation using U-clamps are also included.

It weighs only 118 lbs with the anodised aluminium construction with stainless steel hinges which makes it mountable on most vehicles.

The Overlander comes with extra wide 18” aluminum telescoping ladder that extends up to 6 ½ ft.Its  2.5 cm aluminum/polyurethane sandwich base can easily withstand a load of 300 kg.roof5-2

Overlander tents easily attach to Smittybilt’s SRC Overhead Rack (sold separately) and include a 2 in. thick high-density foam 90 in. x 53 in. mattress with removable cover that sleeps up to two adults.

It also comes with lightweight waterproof 420D Oxford flysheet that has ability to withstand heavy rain pressure.

Not only this the Power Adapter,convenient shoe storage bag,sunroof with mosquito screen and internal strip LED Light makes your campsite more safer.roof5-3

Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent backed up with a 1-year warranty.

Check out Customer Reviews and Ratings.


#4 Camco 51373 Vehicle Roof Top Tent with Annex

Enjoy a safe and secure camping experience with Camco’s Vehicle Roof Top Tent with Annex.roof4-4

It can install in minutes with universal brackets and wrenches.

It has versatile mounting configuration i.e. it is so flexible that you can set up from any side of the vehicle either from the left side,right side or rear of the vehicle,or even if you mount it to a trailer it can easily installed.

This rooftop can easily mounts to most factory or aftermarket roof racks or load bars.When folded up it can weigh only 130 pounds and measuring 58.2″ x 48″ x 11.5″.roof4-3

The Camco Rooftop tent comes with an addition of a convenient add-on Annex which can be used for any purpose you want either for more people to stay,or to use it as kitchen,bathroom or a store depends upon the vehicle you’re attaching to.

Coming towards mattress- it comes with high density foam mattress inside specially designed for increasing comfort level and it can perfect for two adults with one child.

Made from Water-resistant lightweight nylon- the tent’s rain fly is raised above the tent to keep the tent cooler in the summer and reduce condensation in the winter.roof4-2

The Camco Rooftop tent has a built in air vent that allows to circulate air and also protects you from insects,debris and sand out.

Spacious and Comfortable,designed for all seasons-The Camco Rooftop Tent also comes with the sturdy metal ladder that not only use for climbing purpose but can also provide support to your tent.roof4-1

The dimensions of the tent open are 56″ x 122″ x 49″. Sleeping footprint is 56″ x 94″. The packed tent measures 59″ x 49″ x 12″.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings.


#3 Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent / Car Top Camping – by Front Runner

Having Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent in your vehicle makes the campsite extremely comfortable and secure.

The Feather-Lite Rooftop Tent by Front Runner opens in one smooth motion for an instant bedroom above the ground making it the most hasle free set up by other tents.roof3-2

The tent is manufactured by Oxford tent fabric-400D which is a heavy duty poly-cotton that makes it a strong and breathable tents of all.

Coated with PVC-the Waterproof rainfly protects it from heavy rains and winds.

The Feather-Lite is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market and only weighs 40kg (88.18lbs).roof3-1

It has 1.3m (4.3′) wide, 2.4m (7.9′) long and 2m (7.87’) high when unfolded.It has super low profile and it reduces wind resistance making it more secure in winds.

It can easily mounted (to a roof or a bed rack) on most vehicles to open out over the rear or to open over either side of the vehicle.

For Air ventilation-The windows and doors are there and that are too screened to protect you from insects and outside debris.roof3-4

It can easily provide a space for two persons with a high-density foam mattress that provides extra comfort.

The retractable and sturdy ladder of aluminum is there to support your tent.

All the pack include 1x Tent 1x Flysheet 1x Aluminium ladder 1x Mattress 1x Rod kit 1x Mounting studs kit 1 x Vinyl cover.roof3-3

The Feather-Lite Roof top tent by Front Runner is backed up by 2 years limited warranty.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings.

Here is the video showing how easily it can folded in minutes.


#2 Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop Camping Tent with Annex Room- Black Driving Cover

The Tuff Stuff rooftop tent is designed to provide the ultimate comfort, ease and convenience when travelling to the most secluded camping locations.roof2-1

The Rooftop Tent can unfold in minutes with little to no effort, and takes no tools to setup.

It fits on any roof rack, including aftermarket roof racks, and when its closed up it has the following dimensions: 12″ height X 56″ width X 48″ length.  Open it up and it becomes: 56″ width X 96″ length X 52″ height.


All bedding can be stored inside of the folding tent to free up valuable storage inside of the vehicle, and includes a thick foam sleeping mat pre-installed inside.

The sleeping area is more than large enough for 2 full sized adults, plus the annex room can also accommodate a queen size mattress, mat, folding cot or a small dining table or chairs.

The tent is made from poly/cotton Rip Stop fabric (280 g) with a waterproof coating that is mold and UV resistant.roof2-4

There are  3 screened windows  with awnings providing complete air ventilation.At nights the tents keeps you warmer and is quite breathable.

The retractable ladder can also be folded away for increased space inside of the annex room.roof2-3

The Tuff-Stuff Overland Rooftop Camping tent is backed up by 1 year limited warranty.

Check out Customer Reviews & Ratings.

Here is the video showing Review and Set up.




I hope you enjoyed My article 5 Best Designed Roof Top Tents For Adventure Camping-Ultimate Guide for Camping Gear  to its entire bits.

I do hope that this article helped you in making a definitive choice when it comes to choosing an Best and affordable roof top tents that will make your camping adventurous.

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