13 Interesting Facts must read of NASA’s New Horizons Pluto’s Fly-By

13 Interesting Facts must read of NASA’s New Horizons Pluto’s Fly-By

1)The launch of New Horizon holds the record For being the Fastest in human History

On January 19, 2006, NASA strapped the New Horizons spacecraft on top of an Atlas V rocket and launched it into space. It was the fastest launch in history, reaching speeds of over 36,000 miles per hour.

2)It should Take 4.5 hours to receive signal from New Horizons and it happens on autopilot

AS the New Horizon is so far away,Receiving all that data is another huge Challenge. The probe will also gather lots of scientific data on Pluto’s atmosphere, temperature, and geology. All of this will happen on autopilot, since it takes 4.5 hours for any signals sent from Earth to reach the spacecraft.

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3)NASA Uses 200 feet wide Dishes to receive Signals

As the signals came from New Horizon which is very far away from Earth about 4.7 billion kilometres,So the signals that return to Earth are very weak and of small bandwidth.it is very difficult for NASA to receive the proper signal But For this NASA uses 200 feet wide dishes(one each in California,Australia and Spain)  DNA system or Deep Space Network to pick up the signals easily.

4)It will take more than 40 minutes to receive 1 Photo of Pluto’s fly by

Photos will take a bit longer because of New Horizon’s Extremely low rate of data Transmission i.e. about 1200 bits per second that is approximately 50 times more slower than a 56k modem from the 90’s.This is because of huge distance between Pluto and Earth. The New Horizons is fitted with LORRI(Long Range Reconnaissance Imager) Highest-Resolution Camera That can transmit the image of 1024 pixels.So the Image that LORRI clicks will be of 2.5 Megabits.So with 1200 kilobits per second it takes 42 minutes to return one LORRI photo to Earth.

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5)It takes one and half year to receive all the photos of New horizon’s Pluto Fly-by

AS it takes so long to send data back from Pluto:one photo will take 42 minutes to transfer from New Horizon to Earth. Most Communications seasons last about 8 hours.So with this Speed and such a longer distance NASA  Should take 1 And Half year to receive Data from Pluto,New horizons.

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6)Probability of Colliding the New Horizon probe with any of the foreign particle is 0.00001

There should be estimated that there’s a 1 in 10,000 chance the probe could collide with a piece of debris or any foreign material Instead.

7)New Horizon takes more than 150 photos in just 14 minutes of its Pluto’s closest approach

New Horizons will fly by Pluto at an extremely high speed, traversing its diameter in a little less than three minutes. In the short flyby, the probe should take more than 150 extremely detailed photos of Pluto and its moon Charon and four other moons in just 14 minutes.

8)Investigation not limited to Pluto but also 5 moons are studied

The probe will investigate not only Pluto but it has studied the various geological conditions,Temperature and atmosphere of its five moons: Charon,Styx,Nix,Kerberos and hydra.

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9)Perfect Programmed Probe takes the Photos at exact time

The New Horizon probe is Perfectly programmed as all the observations run on an automated command sequence,It takes photos with perfect timing when fly a path past Pluto.As it is machine it may be takes the photos of empty space but the probe is programmed in such a precise way  that it can take photos of Dwarf planet and its moons.

10)Possibility of Lost of probe is Very Small

There is very small possibility that new Horizons Could be lost as it flies through the Pluto System .There are chances that any stray icy debris would proved fatal for spacecrafts if it collides with spacecraft at the speed of 14km/second(31,000mph).

11)Celebration doesn’t start until Scientists again get the signal from New horizon’s

The mission team will not celebrate until New Horizons contacts Earth again, which should happen at 00:53 GMT Wednesday (01:53 BST).

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12)New Horizons Arrives 72 seconds earlier

New horizons arrives to its destination 72 seconds earlier as scheduled by scientists.

13)They Stitch together the Observations of Charon to get HD Photo

For each high-res picture, they take over 100 observations of Charon at 0.2 and 1.0 seconds and then add them together( or stitch) which is just about as good as a single long exposure.


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