World Largest Haul Truck-CATERPILLAR 797

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The caterpillar 797 is a series of off-highway, ultra class dumpers that are developed and manufactured in UNITED STATES by Caterpillar Inc. These are specially designed for high production mining and heavy duty construction applications. This series came in market in 1998 with the caterpillar 797.The current third generation model is 797F which is one of the largest haul trucks in the world.


CATERPILLAR 797(1998-2002)

Caterpillar-797-56e1a__1424086723_112.196.113.111Caterpillar 797 came into the market on september29,1998 at its assembly plant in decatur,Illinois.The first two 797’s were transported to Arizona for there testing. The third and fourth 797’s are produced in 1999 and were the first to be placed in service with a customer at the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah. The engine used in 797 is Cat 3524B HD RUI   , high displacement, electronic unit injection, quad single-stage turbocharged, after coooled,four-stroke  24-cylinder diesel engine which produces a gross  3400hp(2,535kw)[net 3,211 hp(2,394 kw)]. Cat 3524B HD is a unit that consist of two 12-cylinder Cat3512B HD engine that coupled together to operate as one. The truck can reach upto a top speed of 40mph(64km/h) when fully loaded. It has a payload capacity of 360 short tons. The overall height of the truck is 23 ft 8 in (7.21 m) with a length of 47 ft 7 in (14.50 m) and a tire width of 30 ft 0 in(9.14 m).The fuel tank has a capacity of 1000 US gal(3,785 l).

CATERPILLAR 797B(2002-2009)


Caterpillar introduced its second truck with a aim to produce more power from the Cat3524B engine so as to increase the payload capacity of the 797B.The 797B has a capacity of 20 more short tons than 797.The 797B uses the twin turbocharged version of the Cat3524B which produce a gross 3,550hp(2,647 kw)[net 3,370 hp(2,513 kw)]. The power rating 3524B is valid up to the elevation of 8,500 ft(2,591 m)or 15,000 ft(4,572 m) with a high altitude arrangement. On full load, it can reach up to the speed of 42mph(68km/h).The overall height of 797B is 24 ft 11 in (7.59 m) with a overall  length of 47 ft 5 in (14.45 m) and overall tire width of 32 ft. 0 in (9.75 m).Its fuel tank has a capacity of 1,800 us gal (6,814 l).

CATERPILLAR 797F(2009 onwards)

f__1424086757_112.196.113.111Caterpillar introduced the 797F,at MINExpo International in September 2008.When caterpillar begin full production of the 797F then it replaced the 797B.The 797F comes with the more efficient and more powerful Cat C175-20 ACERT single block,20-cylinder, electronic common rail injection, quad turbocharged, air-to-air after cooled,four stroke diesel engine with a increased payload capacity of upto 400 short tons. Its engine is capable of producing a gross 4,000 hp(2,983 kw)[net 3,793 hp(2,828 kw)]. The power rating of 3524B is valid up to the elevation of 7,000 ft(2,134 m)or 16,000 ft(4,877 m) with a high altitude arrangement. The top speed of 797F is same as that of 797B.The overall height is 24 ft 5 in(7.44 m) with a overall  length of 49 ft 6 in(15.09 m) and overall tire width of 31 ft 3 in (9.53m)The 797F has a fuel tank refill capacity of 2,000 us gal (7,571 l).

The CATERPILLAR 797 series is equipped with a rearaxle-mounted,computer controlled, seven-speed planetary transmission with a integral lock-up torque convertor. Each 797 costs approximately USD $5,000,000.The 797 wheel is attached to a axle using 47 nuts that are torqued to 2,300lb.ft.The caterpillar 797B and 797F used 4.028 m tall,5300 kg Michelin 59/80R63 XDR tire. Six tires are required in a single truck.

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