Top 5 World Largest Aircrafts|wiki|Interesting Facts to Know

World Largest Aircrafts-Interesting Facts and Wiki

1.Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Mriya

If we talk about No.1 world largest aircraft then it is no other than Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Mriya with the wingspan of 88 m and overall length 85.3 m.

This is the strategic airlift cargo aircraft made in 1980s. The size of the airplane can be estimated by the fact that It is powered by six turbofan engines and can fly with a maximum takeoff weight of 600 tonnes.The aircraft has a largest wingspan from any other aircraft in the world.

This aircraft is specially built for Soviet military missions mainly for task of transporting Buran space-plane on its top.

The interesting fact is this that There is only single aircraft built of its type.At this time only  One An-225 is present.Attempt was made to make another but it cannot be completed due to Lack of interest and fund.

Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Mriya

Ukrainian Antonov An-225 Mriya

2.Airbus A380F

Airbus A380F is the second largest aircraft coming next to Antonov An-225 Mriya with the capable of carrying 12 couriers.Airbus A380F is the variant of Airbus A380.Airbus A380 is a double-deck,wider body world largest passenger aircraft powered by four-engine jet liner.This is a low-noise aircraft and uses light-weight and environment friendly components which decreases its emission more than any other aircraft.It is designed for 1,40,000 flying hours.

The interesting fact about this aircraft is that Only 20 runways in the world are capable of handling Airbus A380F .Because others are not long and wider enough to handle it and some are not technically equipped for Airbus A380F.


Airbus A380

3.Boeing 747-8

The Boeing 747-8 is considered as the longest passenger aircraft in the world.It is the wide-body jet airliner with the seating capacity of 600 passengers.Powered by 4 engines It can fly with the takeoff weight of 448,000 kg.It has wingspan of 68.5 m and overall length is 76.3 m with 19.4 m height.

The interesting fact about Boeing 747-8 is that the electrical capacity of this aircraft is enough to power more than 480,000 thirty-two inches flat screen TVs.

Boeing 747-8

Boeing 747-8

4.Boeing 747-400ER

The boeing 747-400ER is the four-engine wide body one of the largest extended range passenger aircraft taking 4 place.This aircraft is capable of carrying maximum 660 passengers and fly non stop to a distance of 14,200 km. It has a wingspan of 64.6 m and overall length is 70.6 m and 19.4 m high.

The interesting fact about this aircraft is that it is high as six story building.And it can able to travel three fifa football fields in only one second.

Boeing 747-400ER

Boeing 747-400ER

5.Ukrainian An-124 Ruslan

Ukrainian An-124 Ruslan comes 5 in the Top 5 world largest aircrafts. It is a strategic airlift jet aircraft which is used to carry cargo.It is considered as second largest cargo aircraft next to Antonov An-225.It has a payload capacity of 150,000 Kg with the wing span of 73.3 m and overall lenth 68.96 m.It is 20.78 m high.

The interesting fact about An-124 is that it is called most universal airplane in the history of aviation because it can carry cargo which cannot be delivered with any other transport and the list of cargo that it can transport is endless.

Ukrainian An-124 Ruslan

Ukrainian An-124 Ruslan




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