9 Specification why Airbus H160 is better than AgustaWestland AW139 | Airbus H160 VS AgustaWestland AW139

Airbus H160 VS AgustaWestland AW139


Airbus H160 Helicopter is the medium class twin engines helicopter formly called X4.Its designation is decided after special name scheme by which its name started with letter ‘H’ .It is powered by 2x Turbomeca Arrano turbo-shaft engines that can provide ride even at cruise speed of 160Kts with the 12 passengers carrying capacity.Read More..

AgustaWestland  AW139 is the medium twin engined helicopter powered by 2x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C Turbine engines. It can fly at a cruise speed of 165 kts and have a passengers capacity is 15.

Airbus h160 AgustaWestLand AW139

Airbus H160 (right side) VS AgustaWestland AW139 (left side)

Specification that makes Airbus H160 better over AgustaWestland AW139


Airbus H160 will have a fuel-burn advantage or efficiency 15 to 20 percent more than AgustaWestland AW139.


Airbus H160 is made with fully composite air frame  which makes it 1 ton lighter than AgustaWestland  and has a maximum take-off weight of 5.5-6 tons as compared to AW139 having take off weight 6.5 ton.


The Airbus H160 is equipped with electrically actuated landing gears which is more better ,lighter and safer than that of Tricycle landing gear in AgustaWestland AW139.


Airbus H160 has a low main maintenance as compared to AgustaWestland because of its airframe and weight.


Airbus H160 has a high level of comfort due to its low level of noise and vibration and size and speed as that of AgustaWestland AW139.


AS Airbus H160 engines produces 1,100-1300shp from that of AgustaWestland AW139 which produces 1,679 shp but gives same or even better performance level to that of AW139.


Airbus H160 tail rotor has a special shrouded fenestron canted at 12 degree that provide additional lift and increases payload capacity.


Airbus H160 is equipped with special aerodynamic innovation called Biplane Stabilizer that improves its main rotor efficiency and stabilize it even at low speeds.


Airbus H160 has very reliable due to its quality factors like safety,lighter in weight,low-speed Handling or stability,Less expensive,more efficient,Better technology to that of AgustaWestland AW139.


In this way Airbus H160 gives direct competition to AgustaWestland AW139.

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